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Research and your marketing strategy.
I think when people hear the word ‘Research’ they begin to feel overwhelmed or even feel confused.

The truth this, research is extremely important for businesses. It helps gives you the kind of data you need to drive your marketing strategy. Marketing research helps professionals understand their market better.

Being a marketing company like we are, it is almost crucial that we are constantly conducting research. Although we tend to focus primarily on promotional products, we offer several other services as well, and it is important that we conduct research to determine what is selling and determine our target audience.

According to Lake, “A target audience is the demographic of people most likely to be interested in your product or service” (2017). In our case, our target audience consists of large corporations who have enough money in their marketing budget to set aside for promotional products.

Promo products are tailored around seasons, holidays, and even what is hot and trending right now. For example, it is now Spring which means businesses are now beginning to look for springtime products such as rain jackets with their logos, baseball caps, and even umbrellas. Golf season is also around the corner, and after The Masters this past weekend, that is definitely going to be an in-demand market to target. It’s also helpful to conduct research on what events in the area are going on. Almost all events use promo products whether it be to hand out or to even sell.

Another helpful topic to research is what our competitors are doing. This can be done simply by looking at their social media pages, seeing how they are marketing their products and communicating with consumers. You can conduct research through looking at analytics. This helps you determine which are the best times to post on social media for driving impressions. If you look at Google Analytics for your company’s website, it also helps you determine where traffic is coming from.

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Right now, Superior is really focused on targeting events. With the summer around the corner, there will be a lot of opportunities for us to market. If you plan on hosting an event in Boston this summer and need promo products, visit our website- we’re local!