Wall Graphic & Clock Installation Instructions

Step 1
Wipe down wall. Really. The graphic will not adhere well without cleaning first with a warm damp cloth.
Step 2
Position graphic on wall at height desired (we recommend 100” off the ground) and locate the small center arrow on top edge. This is the center point.
Step 3
Mark the wall with a dot just above the center arrow.
Step 4
Peel graphic from backer about 4” +/-
Step 5
Line up graphic center arrow with dot on wall and apply the graphic onto wall surface moving left to right with your hand while applying pressure.
Step 6
Continue applying using continuous pressure. (If a wrinkle forms, no worry, simply peel back from wall & redo that area.)
Step 7
Graphic is now complete. Take a moment & really give the complete outside edge some more pressure just to be sure of good adhesion.
Step 8
Take the supplied hook, peel the backer, and adhere to the blank space left in the center of the graphic.
Step 9
Install clock battery, adjust time & hang on hook
Step 10